TRIO OF DIPS Three dips of the day served with Schiacciata bread $16.90
BRUSCHETTA Toasted Italian bread with diced tomatoes, onion, garlic and basil (V) $11.90
PIZZA BIANCA Pizza bread brushed with garlic and olive oil (V) $13.90
LDV PIZZA Mozzarella, sundried tomato tapenade and basil pesto (V) $16.90


ARANCINI Porcini, truffle, Parmesan and sage arancini served on whipped ricotta - 3 per serve (V) $13.50
CRUMBED OLIVES Large green olives filled with feta and herbs crumbed and fried served on salsa verde - 6 per serve (V) $11.90
POLPETTE E SUGO Veal and pork meatballs in a rich tomato & basil sauce serve with crusty Italian bread $14.90
ANTIPASTO BOARD FOR TWO Assortment of cured meats, picked vegetables, cheese, marinated olives and Italian bread (GFO) $24.90
GAMBERI ALLA GRIGLIA King prawns sautéed in olive oil, garlic, chilli & tomato sauce served with toasted Italian bread (GFO) $19.90
PARMIGIANA DI MELANZANE Oven baked layers of eggplant, tomato and basil with mozzarella and Parmesan (GF,V) $14.90


MEDITERRANEA Lettuce, feta, olives, tomato, Spanish onion, cucumber with balsamic dressing (GF,V) $14.90
CAESAR SALAD Cos lettuce, bacon, Parmesan, croutons and a boiled egg with caesar dressing (GFO) $17.90
ADD grilled chicken or smoked salmon to any salad above +$4.00
GRILLED BABY OCTOPUS SALAD With lettuce, tomato & onion with chilli & lemon dressing (GF) $18.90
CHARRED ATLANTIC SALMON With avocado, watercress, rocket, cherry tomatoes and caper berries with a lemon vinaigrette (GF) $19.90


TORTELLINI ALFREDO Veal filled tortellini in a cream & Parmigiano sauce with pancetta and fresh mushrooms $14.90/24.00
FETTUCCINE AL RAGÙ Fettuccine in a traditional Italian Bolognese sauce topped with Parmigiano $14.90/23.00
PENNE AL PESTO Penne with house made pesto of basil, garlic, Parmesan, olive oil and pine nuts (V) $14.90/23.00
SPAGHETTI AGLIO OLIO E PEPERONCINO Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli (V) $12.90/20.00
FETTUCCINE CON POLLO Fettuccine with chicken, spinach & semi dried tomatoes in a cream sauce $16.90/26.00
PENNE ALL’AMATRICIANA Penne with bacon, chilli and garlic in a tomato & basil sauce $14.90/24.00
SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARA Spaghetti with bacon, garlic, cream, egg & Parmigiano $15.90/25.00
GNOCCHI PRIMAVERA Potato gnocchi tossed with eggplant, roast capsicum and mushrooms in a garlic, basil and tomato sauce (V) $14.90/23.00
SPAGHETTI ALLA MARINARA Spaghetti with Cloudy Bay clams, Kinkawooka mussels, barramundi, prawns & Moreton Bay bug in a tomato, basil and garlic sauce $36.00


PIADINA Woodfired Italian flat bread with your choice of: $9.90
• Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella and rocket with pesto OR
• Roast zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, buffalo mozzarella & rocket with capsicum pesto (V)
VEGGIE WRAP Roasted capsicum, marinated artichokes, grilled eggplant, mozzarella and rocket (V) $9.90
CRUMBED CHICKEN BURGER Herb & Parmesan crumbed chicken breast with tomato, cos lettuce, provolone cheese & sweet chilli mayo $13.90
CHICKEN AND AVOCADO WRAP Grilled chicken, avocado, rocket, tomato and lemon aioli with a leafy green side salad $13.90
BEEF BURGER Beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, provolone cheese and tomato sauce on a brioche bun $14.90
FISH BURGER Crumbed whiting, cos lettuce, tomato & tartare sauce on a brioche bun $14.90
CLUB SANDWICH Triple layered sandwich with egg, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & aioli $15.90
ADD side of chips to any of the above +$3.00
SALT AND PEPPER CALAMARI with chips, salad and lemon aioli (GF) $16.90
LIME & HERB CRUMBED WHITING with chips, rocket salad and lemon aioli $17.90


MARGHERITA buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil (V) $17
VEGETARIANA mozzarella, Spanish onion, roast capsicum, eggplant & zucchini (V) $18
PEPPERONI mozzarella, hot salami, capsicum and black olives $19
POLLO mozzarella, shredded chicken, onion and capsicum $20
CAPRICCIOSA mozzarella, ham, artichokes, mushrooms and black olives $20
NAPOLI mozzarella, anchovies, capers and oregano $17
CARNEVALE mozzarella, bacon, sausage and spicy salami $20
PROSCIUTTO mozzarella, fresh prosciutto, shaved Parmigiano, fresh rocket and Balsamic glaze $19
ALLA ZUCCA mozzarella, shredded chicken, pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts $19

FUNGHI buffalo mozzarella, mixed mushrooms, truffle oil and thyme (V) $19
GAMBERI prawns, garlic & mozzarella, zucchini & cherry tomato $20
SALMONE cream cheese, smoked salmon, onion & fresh rocket $20
DELIZIOSA mozzarella, pancetta, shaved parmesan, ricotta and balsamic $19



POLLO RIPIENO Oven baked chicken breast filled with mushrooms & herbs served on risotto with cavolo nero & jus gras $29
CHARGRILLED SWORDFISH With rosemary roast potatoes and olive & tomato salsa (GF) $36
FILETTO 250g Eye fillet served with roast potato, sautéed spinach with a porcini and balsamic onion jus (GF) $38
SALTIMBOCCA ALLA ROMANA Sautéed veal medallions wrapped in a prosciutto & sage with roast potatoes topped with provolone cheese and white wine sauce $34
ADD garlic prawns to any of the above +$6

Rocket and Parmesan salad | Cherry tomato and leafy green salad | Thick cut chips | Sautéed seasonal greens | Roast rosemary potatoes $8.50