CRUMBED OLIVES Large green olives filled with chicken, pork and veal mince crumbed, fried and served on gremolata $11.90
BRUSCHETTA AL POMODORO Two pieces of house baked ciabatta topped with diced tomatoes, garlic and basil (V) $11.90
PIZZA BIANCA Pizza bread brushed with garlic and olive oil (V) $13.90
ARANCINI Porcini, truffle and sage arancini served on whipped ricotta - 3 per serve (V) $13.50
SALT AND PEPPER CALAMARI with chips, salad and lemon aioli (GF)$15.90
ANTIPASTO BOARD FOR TWO with assortment of cured meats, picked vegetables, cheese, crumbed olives and house baked ciabatta (GFO) $24.90


MEDITERRANEA Feta, olives, tomato, spanish onion, cucumber, lettuce and balsamic dressing (GF,V) $13.90
CAESAR SALAD Cos lettuce, crisp pancetta, parmesan, croutes and egg (GFO) $17.90
ADD grilled chicken breast to any salad above $4.00


TORTELLINI ALFREDO Veal filled tortellini tossed with pancetta and fresh mushrooms in a cream and parmesan cheese sauce $21
PENNE ALL’AMATRICIANA Penne with bacon, chilli, garlic and olive oil in a tomato and basil sauce $21
FETTUCCINE AL RAGÙ Fettuccine in a traditional Italian Bolognese sauce topped with parmesan cheese $23
GNOCCHI PRIMAVERA House made potato gnocchi tossed with eggplant, roast capsicum and mushrooms in a garlic, basil and tomato sauce (V) $22
FETTUCCINE CON POLLO Fettuccine tossed with chicken, spinach and semi dried tomatoes in a light cream sauce $24
LINGUINE CON GAMBERI Linguine tossed with pan fried prawns, cherry tomatoes and chilli in an olive oil and garlic sauce $29
SPAGHETTI ALLA MARINARA tossed with Cloudy Bay calms, Kinkawooka mussels, Moreton Bay bug, Cone Bay barramundi and prawns in a tomato, basil and garlic sauce $36


MARGHERITA buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil (V) $21
VEGETARIANA mozzarella, Spanish onion, roast capsicum, zucchini and artichokes (V) $21
PROSCIUTTO mozzarella, fresh prosciutto and extra virgin olive oil $23
PEPPERONI mozzarella, hot salami, capsicum and black olives $23
CARNEVALE mozzarella, bacon, sausage and spicy salami 24
POLLO mozzarella, shredded chicken, onion and capsicum $24
FUNGHI buffalo mozzarella base, mixed wild mushrooms, truffle oil and thyme (V) $24
GAMBERI chili, garlic and mozzarella base, prawns and zucchini $25


BEEF BURGER on a charred house made brioche bun with bacon, tomato, pickles, rocket, provolone cheese and tomato relish $21
POLLO RIPIENO Oven baked chicken breast filled with mushrooms and herbs served on risotto with cavolo nero and jus gras $29
SALTIMBOCCA ALLA ROMANA Sautéed veal medallions with roast potatoes, prosciutto, sage, provolone cheese and white wine sauce $34
BARRAMUNDI Cone Bay barramundi with roasted baby root vegetables, potato mash and salsa verde (GF) $36
BISTECCA ALLA FIORENTINA 400g T-Bone served with green beans, thick cut chips and peppercorn sauce (GF) $39

Cherry tomato and leafy green salad | Thick cut chips $8.50